June 5, 2014

Substantial Progress on the ODAI Project

On June 5, 2014, we will update collaborators and the local educational community at large regarding our substantial progress on the ODAI project at NERCOMP’s “Doing Research on a Shoestring” forum in Norwood, MA at an event hosted by UConn’s Digital Learning Center.

odai presentation


odai team working on the phase

April 18, 2014

Successful Achievement of Milestone One

To date, we have achieved the first of the six milestones of ODAI Phase, producing a report which describes details of individual and aggregate students’ specific activity in an online course, answering the questions: In what sections of an individual course to students enter and how many times do they enter that area of the course? On Friday, April 18, we will present internally at UMass Boston on the successful achievement of Milestone 1 of 6milestones established for ODAI Phase 3.

March 16, 2014

ODAI began Phase Three of the Project

On March 16 of this year, ODAI began Phase 3 of the project (a 38 week project phase concluding on December 12, 2014). In this current project phase, ODAI will extend reporting features of the working model to include the following five feature sets addressing associated micro-level questions listed directly below:

Report 1: Analyze student activity on a course

  • In what sections of an individual course do students enter?
  • How many times?
  • Aggregate numbers—Example: “In course x, 7 students (out of 10) logged into discussion question 4.”
  • Use drop down menus to navigate for all subsequent reports.

Report 2: Analyze time students spend on course

  • How much time did student y spend on discussion question 3? How much time did student y spend in reading assignment?
  • Aggregate numbers—How much time did all students spend in a particular activity?

Report 3: Searchable student actions

  • For each student in a given course, what is number of total words written in all discussion forums and in each separate discussion forum?

Report 4: Correlate course grade with student actions

  • How much time did a student who achieved a grade of “A” spend in Discussion question 4?
  • In what reading sections did a student who achieved a grade of “B” view?
  • Aggregate by grade: Students who achieved an “A” in the course spent an average of 112 minutes in answering discussion questions. This should be driven by menus.

Report 5: Student path analysis

  • In any particular discussion question, did the student leave and go elsewhere and if so, where?
  • Where do students come from in a given course when entering a particular discussion question?
October 13, 2013

Phase Two of the ODAI Project Began

In Phase two of ODAI (an 18 week period from October 13, 2013 to February 15, 2014), the team created research models and reports which answer fundamental questions regarding the learning performances of students-at-large in one or more course, or whole programs of study.

Through this second phase, ODAI produced the first working model of the analytics engine capable of macro-study of analytics questions regarding learning. We disseminated this information and began in earnest to cultivate potential consortium partners through the build-out of the ODAI website at http://www.openedudata.org and through the use of associated social media sites.

odai phase two

April 28, 2013

Phase One of the ODAI Project Began

During Phase one (a 26 week period ending on October 19, 2013), team members mapped the locations of learning data within the database of Blackboard Learn 9, the learning management system hosted by UMass Online and used in all CAPS online courses.

Example: specific database cells were mapped as the locations listing the start and ends times of individual students working on specific assignments within their courses hosted in Blackboard Learn 9.

Through this mapping process, we identified data that was and data that was not pertinent for the research purpose of evaluating curricula and course design. Phase 1 produced a prototype of the analytics tool. We disseminated this information in presentations provided at the NERCOMP 2013 annual conference in Providence, Rhode Island on March 11, 2013 and at The 21st Century Classroom: Online and Blended Learning Conference (sponsored by UMass Online) held in Norwood, MA on April 12, 2013.

January 31, 2014

Where Do Big Data and Higher Education Intersect?

By Katie Lepi

August 23, 2013

ODAI’s Sneak Peek

ODAI will be running its first sneak peek on the LMS agnostic engine under development. Though internal event, this sneak peek marks success at the half way point of a six month proof of concept.

Public presentation will be announce coming weeks.

June 1, 2013

Three New Staff Members Joined ODAI

Daisy LaFlamme
Web Design and Publishing

Daisy is UMass Boston alumni. She recently graduated with BS in Information Architecture. Daisy design and update ODAI’s Website and social media network. Check out her portfolio: daisylaflamme.net

Kevin Harris
Data Analysis

Ambitious, self- driven and motivated professional with 2 years of experience in statistical data analysis and reporting in a fact paced environment.

Brittany Carver
Data Analysis

Brittany Carver comes from a data QA background concentrating on data consistency and integrity. She is responsible for cleaning, validating, and improving the usability of the tracking data.